Outdoor Fixed Solara Solara

Solara polymer back and seat on a horizontal beam-mount system. Solara Solara

Polymer back and seat with integrated polymer armrests. Solara Solara

Semi-upholstered back and seat with rail-mount aisle end panel and cupholder armrest.

130 45 35 35 A Centurion

Polymer back and seat on cast iron standards.

39 45 35 35 Senator A Senator

A nostalgic slat-back chair on cast iron standards.

30 52 00 30 A Patriot

Ergonomic designed polymer back and seat with steel standards. Citation

New Citation back on cast iron standards. Millennium

No. 90 Millennium back on cast iron standards.

71 12 18 12 Signature Signature

Plush & luxurious chair manufactured for outdoor venues.