Auditorium Seating

Every facility is unique in design and appearance, so we design our products in a modular fashion to give you choices! We manufacture over 40 different backs, eight seat components and dozens of aisle panels and accessories. Here are some of our most popular configurations typically found in a school auditorium. If you're one who likes to think out side the box feel free to look through the rest of the site to find a model that will fit your design intent or contact us and we'll work on a custom solution if needed. Citation Citation

New Citation back with veneer end panel and wood arms. Citation EDU Citation

New No. 90 Citation back with cast iron standards.

90 12 00 4 Citation EDU Citation

Citation chair with an open end Millennium Millennium

Refined Millennium back for 2012. Millennium

Millennium back with cantilevered aisle end standard. Millennium Millennium

Millennium chair on cast iron standards.

51 12 66 4 Marquee cant Marquee

Marquee chair with a polymer back panel and cantilevered, veneer surfaced aisle end panel with a block front.

1 14 86 4 Crusader Crusader

A seven-ply hardwood back and self-rising seat with a veneer surfaced aisle panel.

8 12 56 4 Meteor Meteor

Meteor chair features a veneer surfaced back and aisle panels with solid maple armrests

22 12 00 4 SaturnA Saturn

Saturn chair with a laminate surfaced back, open aisle standards and comfort curved polymer armrests.

31 53 36 30 Patriot Patriot

Patriot chair with upholstered pads and a laminate surfaced aisle end panel and polymer center armrests.